Underlying our mission is the belief that in providing high-quality afterschool programs to children and youth who don’t otherwise have access to them, we are helping to create opportunities, enhance education, and give more students a chance at success in all aspects of life.

Resources for Anti-Racisim and Equity Education

In this document, you will find resources such as engaging with children and youth, lesson plans, and tips for talking about race with children and youth. These resources were compiled by the 50 State Afterschool Networks.

NA: resource has not been assigned to a specific age group.

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DEI and Equity Standards

While nearly all states have developed quality standards1, that is just the first step. Quality standards are meant to guide implementation for all stakeholders: afterschool practitioners have to be aware of and understand the standards, the field needs ways to measure quality as it relates to the standards, and programs and staff needed training, tools, and resources to improve practice and programming.

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Health Equity Messaging Resources

Health equity for afterschool and summer programs means prioritizing training and implementation of resources to communities and program providers who do not have the resources or capacity to provide quality healthy eating and physical activity programming.

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Advance Equity and Access in Afterschool: WEBINAR

Experts from both research and practice provide an overview of the newly-published book Changemakers! Practitioners Advance Equity and Access in Afterschool Programs.

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Equity and Inclusion Framwork Hawaii Afterschool Alliance

We need to address how programs are designing and implementing programming to broaden participation in STEM for learners in poverty, learners of color, learners in rural areas, and girls in STEM. Working with national experts, STEMNext has developed an Equity and Inclusion Framework that we hope will be a useful guide for supporting programs in this transformation.

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STEM + Wellness = Equity: A Powerful Equation for Equity

Equity issues like access and awareness impact STEM and wellness and our future workforce. To establish a diverse and healthy workforce well prepared for the careers of tomorrow, imbalances in STEM and wellness must be addressed today

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Inclusion Toolkit: Special Needs Inclusion Project

The Inclusion Tool Kit is organized around inclusion standards that were developed by the Special Needs Inclusion Project (SNIP) Interagency Council. The Inclusion Tool Kit contains the information and practical strategies you need to create a nurturing and welcoming environment for all children in your after school program. If you provide a service or program, we hope the Tool Kit will help you provide programs in which all children can participate and belong. And if you are a family member we hope this Tool Kit will provide you with resources to work with community program providers to include your child

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